Stupid Job Postings: “step up” and “Non-benefited” edition

Posted by amy on August 29, 2007

Oh, come on now, people:

You are a creative thinker that communicates effectively and possesses the individual leadership and accountability to “step up” and deliver high quality results in a fast paced environment while maintaining focus and a sense of humor.

I also saw a job posting with the headline “Web Designer/Developer – Full-time Non-Benefited Position”. Isn’t that called a ‘contractor’? Though I suppose that a lot of contractor work is really just being a full-time employee without benefits or unemployment insurance, you’d think that the company that’s searching for such would make it sound slightly more attractive. Especially since there is theoretically supposed to be a distinct difference between 1099 consulting work and employee work, tax-wise.

In other stupid job postings news, here’s a good discussion on what makes a _decent_ job posting, from a Thoughtworks guy in India, Sidu Ponnappa. In particular, he notes the difference between a job asking for people who are passionate about Ruby, for example, and one looking for people who are passionate in general. (I still think passion is overrated, though. Except where cheese is concerned. I am passionate about cheese. For example, this Vermont Brie is really fantastic. If only someone would make a truly artisan domestic parm…! But I digress…) Anyway, he suggests that one rank postings by the number of requirements in them that were clearly written by an HR person or someone else with no idea of what the job actually entails.The more HR speak, the lower the job posting ranking. I think someone needs to write a flog for job postings.

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