iPhone: phooey.

Posted by max on July 15, 2007

Besides the fact that I have no plans to buy an iPhone, I am simply not buying the iPhone hype. In fact, the cultish aura around the Apple world irritates me quite a bit — though I did, in fact, just buy a new MacBook, and love it. (See “unboxing party” below, with Mother Goose looking on. The box isn’t the sexiest, since I bought a refurb.)

Unboxing party.

Tom Yager of Infoworld, who’s generally pretty enthusiastic about Apple hardware, tears apart the iPhone here. For me, if I had planned to spend the considerable $$$ for an iPhone, the biggest deal-breaker would be its use of the slow-as-molasses EDGE data network. Among other good points he makes: users pay an “unsubsidized” price for a locked phone with a 2-year contract — unprecedented in the industry!

On the day they went on sale, my 4-year-old son and I walked by the long line of people at our local AT&T store. “Why are all of these people here?” he asked. “Uh, they’re waiting to buy a phone.” I thought that some in the line’s laugh sounded a bit awkward.

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    1. Ryan J. McDonough Sat, 21 Jul 2007 07:44:25 UTC

      You needed more pictures! (And damn you, you stole my idea!!!)