“You know CSS, right?”

Posted by amy on June 29, 2007

Sure, I know CSS. Just like I know Javascript. But then your CSS does something weird, and you can’t figure out how to fix it, and you look online and you find stuff like this:

Be aware that most of the demos in this site employ the Holly hack to work correctly in IE, but now IE7 fails to read the old star-html hack which was the vehicle for feeding the Holly hack hasLayout fix. Further, IE7 cannot be shown a small height to trigger hasLayout as has been customary.

Or this:

Liquid layouts have their own problems in the wide screens, stretching both text lines and designs beyond belief in some cases. Besides the obvious, Explorer for Windows can also have very nasty bugs in liquid layouts when rigid content that shares space with floats happens to “lock up” the page width. When that happens, the bad old 3px bug induces content dropping, and the only cure is to use min-width to stop the shrinkage before lockup happens.

Unfortunately, IE does not support min-width as well as it supports the 3px bug, so a JavaScript is then needed to coerce compliance in IE. It’s a big pain in the you know where.

Really?That’s a big pain? You’re kidding me.

Anyway, all I want is for my footer to stay at the damn foot. This is only possible, apparently, if I can tell you in advance which one of three columns will be the longest. Or maybe there are some weird hacks that no longer work in IE7 that I could use. I’m not quite sure, because it turns out that CSS is not, as I’d previously believed, a mere aid to ensuring that your design is consistent across web pages and your html not too big, but an arcane alchemical pursuit, complete with footnotes.

More thoughts on this, but it’s my birthday, and apparently my son has bought a cupcake to share with me, that must be shared RIGHT NOW!

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    1. Benjamin Kudria Fri, 03 Aug 2007 09:51:05 UTC

      Agreed – IE’s CSS support is terrible. Of course, other browsers have their quirks, but mostly, it’s IE’s fault. Really.

    2. Ismael Sat, 04 Aug 2007 15:13:17 UTC

      I posted a simple solution for that on my blog. It’s in spanish, the needed html and CSS is available on the page (last 2 code boxes) and should be easy to figure out.

      The javascript is not that hard, either.


    3. Ismael Sat, 04 Aug 2007 15:14:23 UTC

      Oh, right! And the original source, in English: http://www.themaninblue.com/writing/perspective/2005/08/29/