Adobe hatemail

Posted by amy on June 27, 2007

Dear Adobe:

I hate your website. I hate that none of the apps I’ve downloaded trial versions of can be installed without installers on my Mac. I hate looking at urls like

. They are ugly. I hate that every single time I try to download something, you make me fill in the same damn form about how many people are in my company and how long it will be before I make a purchasing decision. I hate that you try to get my phone number on that form. (Note: if you make a phone number mandatory but do not validate its format, don’t be surprised if people write “hah!” in the form field. As in “hah, why would I possibly want you to call me to bug me about what I thought about your bloated proprietary software?”) I hate that you automatically check a box that says the best way to contact me is by phone. I am a geek. The best way to contact me is never, ever, ever by phone.

All of this to try out AS3. C’mon Adobe, you want me to use your platform or not? Stop making me fill in your stupid forms.

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    1. Ryan Stewart Fri, 29 Jun 2007 01:09:36 UTC

      I think it’s too bad we make people jump through hoops to try the software. I’m not sure about the Mac installer issue but the rest of this is good feedback (especially the bit about auto checking the ‘phone’ box).

      If you have other thoughts, drop me an email.

    2. amy Sun, 01 Jul 2007 09:50:36 UTC

      Hi Ryan,
      thanks for the comment. Flex Builder also likes to crash on my machine. No doubt my machine is not beefy enough for it. And Flash CS3 Pro I just do not grok at all. Timelines and scenes are just not how I think about programming. So for the moment it’s textmate and the SDK and a rake compile_flex task for me.

    3. carmelyne Fri, 03 Aug 2007 09:48:54 UTC

      I love your blog and I laughed so hard reading this post. I feel the same way but at the same time I still love adobe. Hope to read more posts!

    4. amy Sun, 05 Aug 2007 23:13:16 UTC

      Thanks, carmelyne! I’ve been learning some AS3 and Flex these days, but it’s not nearly as sexy to me as Ruby is. Still, anything that might allow me to avoid cross-browser hell is a good thing in my book (do you think Martha Stewart would agree?) so I’m trying to embrace the .swf. But talk to a salesperson on the actual telephone? Ackk!