what is thirdbIT?

Posted by amy on April 28, 2007

thirdbIT is the “professional internet presence” of Max and Amy Newell. Or, if you will, Max and Amy’s Interweb job-pimping self-marketing, social-web 2.0 thingy. Eventually we’ll put up code, to show we know how to code. We’ll have posts showing that we read all the important technology news and have interesting things to say about it. We’ll talk about our contributions to cool open-source projects, and provide cheatsheets and other useful stuff. We’ll talk about why people would want to hire a husband-wife software development team, as opposed to just one person, or some other kind of team. We’ll have our resumes and a “contact us” form. We’ll be doing all the stuff the careers people say to do, even if we’re pretty conflicted about the whole notion of “careers” (look for a future post on this subject).

Right now, we’ve just got a blog that only I, Amy, am likely to post to with any regularity (being as I’m the loquacious one), and a name, which I’ve been nursing for a few years now, along with my dream of starting a consulting business with Max, and a tagline, which I came up with a couple weeks ago while driving back from Target. We’ve got some pictures I drew for a logo/template, which Max then took some photos of, and some alterna-cards we made from the photos, which are somewhere in the mail between the UK and here. We’ve got some ideas. We have some goals. But we don’t have much else. If we’re going to actually hand out the alterna-cards, we should put something up here.

Still, the customer (being us) is pretty happy with this iteration. We don’t know where things are going. We’re not sure this is the time to start consulting as a team; it wasn’t really our plan; there’s so much we want to learn, still; we’d like to say we’re experts at something, but our career paths have been too unconventional, too general, to say that. In a lot of ways, we like being what we are, jacks-of-all-trades, IT-wise. But we’d like to be master of one too. So it’s time for us to settle down and get great at something.

What we’ve chosen, right now, to settle down and get great with, is Ruby on Rails (future post to do on why RoR).

So that’s what the focus of this blog will be right now: our journey to getting great with RoR.

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