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Posted by amy on April 22, 2007

Yesterday afternoon I drew and painted some thirdbIT logo ideas. This afternoon Max took some photos of the pictures:

Really we should use a flatbed scanner for these, says Max.
We don’t have a flatbed scanner, says Amy.

Right. We should use a tripod for the camera, though.

Take the pictures.


The lighting was bad.

I don’t care, upload them to picasa.

The idea is, we are going to be agile, and not wait until things are perfect. In an alternate universe where we get an actual designer to come up with a logo for us, and make us business cards, and have a flatbed scanner and, I don’t know, any time at all, we would make logos and cards and blog designs all match-y and carefully branded and present a perfectly poised business front to the world.

But I’m going to my old company’s ex-employee party next week, and since it’s part ex-employee party and part job-fair (the party invitation mentioned that companies were welcome to buy tables at the party to display their wares or try to hire people…), I need business cards. Or something cards, anyway. I’m working on moo cards, with a bunch of different photos of the logo pictures. I read about them on Web Worker Daily, and they seem less intimidating than business cards. For 20 bucks we can get a hundred of these very cool-looking things to hand out to people we know whenever it happens to come up that we happen to be software geeks.

Anyway, the whole idea is that we’re not making a big commitment to a particular logo. We’re just… fooling around. We’re trying things out, seeing what fits.

Now I’m gonna see if I can convince Max to do the dirty work of munging some of the logo pictures into the blog’s design. Max?

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    1. Max Sun, 22 Apr 2007 15:23:06 UTC

      Yeah, but we actually also need a design for the site. Shouldn’t that come before reworking the blog design?